Hundreds of Antwerp University students to attend lectures in tents

The start of the new academic year is approaching for students at universities across Flanders. The new term will be somewhat different for hundreds of University of Antwerp students that attend classes at the university’s Drie Eiken Campus in the Wilrijk district of the city. The collapse of the ceiling in one of the campus’ auditoria means that for the being at least they will have to attend lectures in tents. The tents will be erected as a temporary measures while the ceiling is repaired.   

The ceiling of the auditorium collapsed two weeks ago during renovation work. The damage is immense and work to put it right will not have been completed by the start of the new university term on 23 September.

In the meantime students will attend lectures in two large tents that are to be erected on the university campus’ carpark. Tables and seating have been installed. The tents are insulated and have heating facilities to ensure that the students are able to study in comfort.  

One on the tents is able to accommodate up to 600 students, the other has room for 160. The students that will attend lectures in them are from the medicine, pharmacy, biomedical science and veterinary science faculties.   

The tents will be erected during the course of next week. It is not yet known when the auditorium will reopen. 

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