Balloon accident and brawl mar Peace Festival

Three people are injured after a balloon landing went horribly wrong at the end of the Sint-Niklaas Peace Festival.

The balloon pilot intended to land in a field in nearby Temse, but in the event there was a hard landing.  Three people were injured and suffered bruising.  They were all taken to hospital.

It’s tradition at the end of the Peace Festival celebrations in Sint-Niklaas (East Flanders) that countless balloons take to the skies.  Bad weather meant that no balloons were able to fly above the East Flemish town on Friday or Saturday.

This year’s Peace Festival was also marred by a brawl on Sint-Niklaas’s market square, the largest in the land.  Three police officers were injured.  Five suspects were detained, but were all released the next morning.  They will now get their day in court facing charges of grievous bodily harm of police officers.  

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