Youth for Climate calls on teachers to join its protests

In an open letter the climate change pressure group Youth for Climate has called on teachers to join it in organising protest action to raise awareness of the issue of climate change. In a letter signed by leading members of the organisation, including the activist Anuna De Wever, Youth for Climate writes “Teachers we need you”. 

“Don’t let young people fall asleep through ignorance. Tell them about the planet. Tell them about the situation in which we find ourselves and the impact it has on all of us, now and in the future”.  

It is with these words that Youth for Climate calls on teachers to join the campaign for measures to combat climate change.

During the last school year Youth for Climate organised weekly demonstration on Thursdays in Brussels and many other towns and cities across Belgium. 

"Education as a lever for change”

"We would like to continue our mobilisation through the use of wider channels of communication. We want to make everyone aware of the ecological dangers in which the planet finds itself”, the letter continues.  

Youth for Climate believes that teachers have a crucial role to play. “Education is a powerful lever for change". 

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