150 students and a teacher from top catering college infected with salmonella

150 students and a teacher from the Sepermalie hotel and tourism college in the West Flemish city of Bruges have become ill after being infected with the salmonella bacteria. 5 of those infected were hospitalised.  

Last Friday a number of students became ill with sickness and diarrhoea. The school immediately contacted the Federal Food Safety Agency, a medial officers and the Centre for Pupil Welfare’s schools’ doctor. Sample were taken from the school’s bistro and the kitchens were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The situation was monitored closely by all concerned during the weekend.  

By Monday morning at total of 150 pupils and 1 teacher had become ill. Once again the school’s 8 kitchens and its toilette facilities were cleaned and disinfected. Meanwhile classes continue at the school. All the students that have become ill are on a catering course at the school. They often eat food that they have prepared in class together. There teachers also often join them. It is possible that they all ate the same contaminated food. 

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