Didier Reynders to become the new EU Justice Commissioner

The Foreign Minister in Belgium’s caretaker Federal Government Didier Reynders is to become the new European Justice Commissioner. The announcement that, subject to the approval of the European Parliament, Mr Reynders will take on the post of Justice Commissioner was made by the new President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen at around midday on Tuesday.  

Mr Reynders will take on his new post from 1 November.

When announcing which areas of policy the (candidate) Commissioners are to be responsible for, Ms von der Leyen added that all members of the new European Commission must visit each EU member state within 6 months of them having taken office.  

All 28 EU members with the exception of the UK put forward a candidate for the new European Commission. The United Kingdom didn’t put forward a candidate as it expects to have left the European Union before 1 November.  

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