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Proximus workers down tools

Employees of the telecom company Proximus have downed tools in an unannounced strike. The strike action is being taken by Proximus workers in a number of cities, including Brussels, Mons (Hainaut), Namur and Liège. They cite the reason for their strike as uncertainty about planned restructuring and have requested that Proximus management enlist the services of an arbitrator to help resolve the dispute.       

Ben Coremans of the Christian trade union ACV told VRT News that “Employees have downed tools in both Flanders and Wallonia”.

"Although we will recognise the action, we had not issued a call for them to strike. This is a sign that it is all becoming too much for a lot of people”.  

At the start of the year Proximus announced that it plans to restructure. 1,900 jobs are under threat. However, some extra staff will be recruited for certain departments. Staff say that they are fed up with uncertainty surround the restructuring. This uncertainty has worsened since the announcement that the company’s CEO Dominique Leroy is to leave in a couple of months for a new job as CEO of the Dutch telecom company KPN.  The strike has no impact for the Proximus network. However, two of the company’s shops in Mons and Charleroi are closed due to the industrial action. 

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