Buy a page of Tintin with Hergé’s blood as an extra!

A remarkable page from a Tintin strip cartoon album is up for sale at auction in Paris next week.  The original page showing 1942 drawings from the album “The Shooting Star” could fetch 400,000 euros.  Strangely enough, the drawings come with several drops of the draughtsman’s blood as an extra.

Dora Blary of Piasa auctioneers in Paris: “Strip cartoonist Hergé cut himself on a pair of compasses when he was cutting the plate.  Several drops of blood ended up on the drawings and the previous owner never had them removed”.

Tintin remains immensely popular among collectors worldwide.  In 2017 an original drawing by the Belgian cartoonist Hergé fetched 600,000 euros.  A number of years ago a page from the album ‘Explorers on the Moon’ was sold for 1.55 million euros making them the most expensive strip cartoon drawings in the world.


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