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Laughing gas sold together with sweets

Belgium’s Burns Foundation is up in arms after a photograph of a night shop in Kortrijk showed that gas cartridges used for whipped cream sprays were being sold at the sweets counter.  The cartridges are not only used to put whipped cream on your cooking, some youngsters inhale the laughing gas to get high.

“It’s dangerous” says the Burns Foundation “especially, if you do it regularly.  Kortrijk city council must intervene!”

“Open a metal cartridge and it’s ice cold.  You can burn your hands, your legs or your mouth” says Stefaan Lauwaert of the Burns Foundation.

Regular use of laughing gas is dangerous.  One person has already died in West Flanders as a result of this practice.

Sale of whipped cream cartridges is legal, but the Burns Foundation hopes the authorities will intervene. Stefaan Lauwaert: “The cartridges can be used for whipped cream, but we all know they have another purpose too. I hope the night shop will remove them.

It’s especially youngsters aged 20 to 24 who use the cartridges during a night out.  Balloons are filled with laughing gas that is inhaled to get a high.  Regularly inhaling laughing gas leads to a vitamin B12 shortage and damage to the nervous system and the brain.

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