René wants his ‘Brussels Eye’ to stay!

A cantilevered observation wheel is currently adorning the Poelaertplein outside the Palace of Justice in Brussels.  Cities like London and Paris have had such a wheel as a permanent fixture for many years.  Now the Belgian manager of the wheel on the Poelaertplein hopes he can get permission for the Brussels Eye to stay here permanently.

René Hufkens: “It takes nine people three days to build.  Nobody has ever seen Brussels in this way before.  You are 55 metres above the city.  You can see the Atomium, Koekelberg Basilica and of course the Courts of Justice.  You see the entire city”.

René loves his cantilevered observation wheel: “I take a turn on the wheel every day!  I’m a big child really!  I grew up on a fairground.  My parents were fairground folk.  They has a bumper car circuit, no wheel.  But a giant wheel was always my dream.  I was 4 years of age when I first climbed aboard.”

The observation wheel is staying in Brussels till 19 November.  A turn costs 8 euros for adults and 5 for little adults.

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