Massive police operation targets illegal weapons imports

800 police officers were involved in this week’s operation targeting illegal weapons imports across the country. Over 638 weapons were seized.  205 people were led away for questioning.  51 people were arrested.

In recent days federal police raided premises up and down the country: in Brussels, Halle-Vilvoorde and West Flanders. In addition to the weapons several kilos of drugs and two cannabis farms were impounded.

Prosecutors explain that the operation targeted persons suspected of the illegal import of lethal weapons: riot guns, semi-automatic weapons, hand guns and rifles.  The weapons are said to have originated from a weapons dealership in Maubeuge (France).

In Belgium a licence is required for the possession of a firearm.  Import licences are also required.  Penalties include prison sentences of between one month and five years and fines ranging from 800 euros to 200,000 euros.

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