Road rage victim fighting for his life

A man is fighting for his life following a road rage incident in the Antwerp district of Berchem. His attacker has been arrested on charges of attempted manslaughter.

The incident happened around 5PM on Friday evening.  Police speak of a serious road rage incident.  Antwerp police’s Wouter Bruyns: “Eyewitnesses talk of a dispute between two drivers.  One driver, aged 36, stepped out of his car.  The second driver drove on and allegedly ran the other driver down. The driver fled the scene.  The victim sustained very serious injuries.  A medical team attended the scene and took the man, who was fighting for his life, to hospital.”

Yesterday evening a man from Kontich (Antwerp Province), who said he was involved in the incident, reported to the police. He is aged 24 and has now been detained on attempted manslaughter charges. 

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