Does the e-cigarette cause cancer?

In recent weeks, in the US, the death of e-cigarette smokers has been linked to the smoking of this appliance. Prof Frank Bayens of Leuven University insists a clear scientific link has not yet been made.  The cases in the US are connected to the use of illegal cannabis oils bought on the black market he says.

There are reports from the US and the Netherlands about e-cigarette users who suddenly come down with unknown lung diseases.

Prof Frank Bayens insists that any link between the electronic cigarette and lung disease is yet to be made scientifically: “It’s far from being proved that the electronic cigarette really causes lung disease.”

Research in the US revealed that victims are believed to have filled their e-cigarettes with “other substances” than those sold in tobacco stores.

Prof Frank Bayens: “All research, and this research has not yet been finalised, shows that we are not talking about e-cigarettes filled with nicotine containing substances.  We’re talking about cannabis oils purchased illegally.  These can trigger acute reactions.”


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