Australian police officially close search operation for missing Belgian

Police in the Australian state of New South Wales have officially closed the search operation for a Belgian that has been missing since the end of May. 18-year-old Théo Hayez was last seen in the coastal town of Byron Bay on 31 May. A number of search, including searches carried out with the assistance of Belgian police officers that had travelled to Australia, failed to find the teenager.    

Police in Byron Bay have now handed over the case of Théo Hayez’s disappearance to the Australian Judicial Authorities. Both the police and the New South Wales Coroner confirmed the news in statements given to the press agency Belga.

The official closure of search for Théo Hayez comes three and a half months since his disappearance. The actual search for the teenager was ended at the end of July. Théo Hayez was last seen leaving a bar in Byron Bay, a seaside town popular with backpackers on Australia’s east coast.

Several attempts to find him drew a black and no clues to the circumstances surrounding his disappearance were found. At the start of this month Théo Hayez’s father travelled to Australia.

Although he had little hope that his son would be found alive, Mr Hayez hoped to finds answers to the questions he and his wife had surrounding their son’s disappearance. No the search has been officially stopped Théo Hayez’s have expressed thanks to all those that have helped in the search for their son.

The family has requested that its privacy is respected. On Sunday hundreds of people held a wake in remembrance of the teenager.  

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