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Italian football pundit makes racist insult about Romelu Lukaku on live TV

The Belgian international Romelu Lukaku has once again been the victim of racist slurs. After having been at the receiving end of racist taunts from Cagliari fans two weeks ago, Lukaku has now been racially insulted by an Italian football pundit during a live television show.   

Luciano Passirani, a pundit for the Italian football channel TopCalcio24 made the racially offensive comments during the channels ‘Qui Studio a Voi Stadio’ programme on Sunday.  During a discussion between Mr Passirini and the show’s presenter about Romelu Lukaku’s recent performances the pundit first of all heaped praise on the Belgian international. 

"I don’t see any other player in Italy with Lukaku’s qualities. Not at Juventus, not at Inter Milan, not at AS Roma, not at Lazio. He is a very strong striker. If you go one on one with him you’ll end up on the floor. I really like watching him”.

However, what followed were comments of a highly offensive racist nature.  

"The only way to stop Lukaku is to say ‘Here are 10 bananas for you to eat’”.   

Luciano Passirani appeared unaware that he had said anything wrong, but he was forced to stop talking by the show’s host.

Later in the programme an apology was given for what had been said and it was announced that Luciano Passirani would not be invited by the channel as a pundit ever again.


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