Brussels puts pigeons on the pill

The City of Brussels is taking drastic action to reduce the number of pigeons in the capital. A trial project has been launched in the Laken district of the city whereby the contraceptive pill will be mixed in with pigeon feed. The large pigeon population and the mess that the birds make has long been a thorn in the side of those living on or around  Clementina Square in Laken. 

Locals launched a campaign to persuade the authorities to take action to humanely reduce the number of pigeons in their area.   

Following an example set in a number of other towns and cities at home and abroad the city authorities have opted to use contraception to bring pigeon numbers back under control.  

“Rats with wings” was how the former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone once describe pigeons. Many city dwellers are not in the enamoured with the birds that not only make a mess, but also produce poisonous excreta. Nevertheless, some people take pleasure in feeding the birds and their numbers continue to increase.

Now The City of Brussels hopes to address this by using contraception. 250 birds that live in and around the Clementina Square will be fed with seed that contains contraceptives. A seed dispenser will be placed in the middle of the square. It will dispense the seed each day at a certain time.  

The system has already been put to sucesful use in Leuven (Flemish Brabant) and Tongeren (Limburg).  

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