Cycle race cancelled after signallers go to wrong village

A cycle race in that was due to be held in the East Flemish village of Lembeke after the signallers that were to have kept traffic away from the course of the race went to the Flemish Brabant village of Lembeek by mistake. Although the names are similar around 85km separates the two villages. Lembeek is part of the Flemish Brabant town of Halle and is situated around 18km southwest of Brussels, while Lembeke is part of the municipality of Kaprijke around the same distance to the northwest of Ghent.    

When it became clear that the signallers were in the wrong place. The organiser of the race Rik Vandeputte had no choice other than to cancel it.


The race should have started at around midday on Monday. However, it soon became clear that there weren’t enough signallers. Just two of the fifteen signallers had turned up. Initially the start of the race was put back to allow more signallers time to arrive. Meanwhile around a dozen cyclists were warming up and preparing to start the race.


A costly mistake

It soon became apparent that the reason for the lack of signallers was a mix up about where exactly the race was being held.

The race organiser Rik Vandeputte told VRT Radio 2 East Flanders that “It appears that a group of signallers that were due to be put to work in Lembeke had gone to Lembeek in Flemish Brabant”. In consultation with the police it was decided to cancel the race as the safety of the participants could no longer be ensured.

The mistake has proven costly both for the organisers and for the Cycling Federation. The organisers are considering taking action against the person in charge of the signallers that made the mistake.  

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