High standards maintained in Belgium’s school kitchens

Parents need not worry about standards in the kitchens of the schools that their children attend. Checks carried out by the Federal Food Safety Agency (FAVV) resulted in four out of five school kitchens being given the highest distinction when it comes to their respect for the standards and rules governing hygiene, risk management and traceability of the produce they use.   

During 2018 FAVV carried out checks at 1,338 school kitchens all over Belgium. For example, the agency’s inspectors checked whether food was being stored at the correct temperature and whether the ingredients used to prepare meals were within their sell by date. The cleanliness of the kitchen, its fridges and ovens and the utensils used to prepare food was also checked.    

80% of the school kitchens checked scored top marks. The remaining 20% were asked to make the changes necessary to allow them to score top marks too. These were mainly related to information of potential allergy risks that could arise from eating the ingredient contained in certain foods. 

FAVV also offers training to staff working in school kitchen. The training is free of charge and can be requested by a municipal or regional authority or a school board. In 2018 FAVV gave such training to 1,097 school kitchen staff.  


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