Two Belgian companies land contracts to help with the construction of F-35 fighter jets


The Belgian companies SABCA and Ilias Solutions have signed contracts with the American plane builder Lockheed-Martin to help with the construction of the F-35 fighter jet. Last year the Belgian government agreed terms with Lockheed-Martin for the purchase of 34 F-35 jets. The planes will replace the Belgian Airforce’s current fleet of aged F-16 fighter jets. 

SABCA has factories in Brussels, Charleroi (Hainaut) and Lummen (Limburg). The company will produce a number of parts for the F-35. SABCA will also be responsible for the maintenance of the Belgian Airforce’s F-35 once they have been delivered.  

The Brussels company Ilias Solutions that is specialised in logistical solutions has also signed a contracts with Lockheed-Martin that are linked to the F-35.  

Economic considerations played an important role in the negotiations between the Belgian Government and Lockheed-Martin about the purchase of the 34 F-35 fighter jet. The two companies being given contracts was one element that was decisive in the American plane builder being given the contract to supply the jets.


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