15 people detained as 8,000 cannabis plants are found at addresses in Brussels

In a police operation across the capital over the past few days 8,000 cannabis plants have been seized. The plants have a total street value of between 10 and 15 million euro. A total of 15 members of two different drug gangs have been detained. 

A total of 25 properties were searched in Brussels municipalities including the City of Brussels, Jette and Evere and the Walloon Brabant town of Waterloo.

The plants were being cultivated by two gangs that were operating autonomously of each other. The police found a 13 cannabis plantations, each of which consisting of between 500 and 1000 plants. A total of 8000 cannabis plants were seized as were false identity documents, 46kg of marihuana and 90,100 euro in cash. 22 people were taken in for questioning. 15 of them have been detained.

After forensic evidence had been gathered and it had been ascertained that the gangs were also guilty of the theft of electricity, officers from the Civil Defence Agency set about dismantling the plantations.

The confiscated plant were then destroyed in an incinerator. The value of the annual yield of the plants seized is estimated as being between 10 and 15 million euro.

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