Market stall holders in Asse urged to speak Dutch, otherwise they risk a fine

The municipality of Asse (Flemish Brabant) is asking stall holders at the weekly Tuesday market to use Dutch as the first language. If not, they risk a fine, our colleagues of the regional radio station Radio 2 Vlaams-Brabant report. 

The town council approved a change to the rules that apply specifically to the market. When vendors are using written information, they have to use the Dutch language. When they talk to the clients visiting the market, they have to use the Dutch language in the first place. 

Asse is situated in Flemish Brabant province (west of Brussels) and the only official language is Dutch. However, more people from Brussels - who often speak French - are moving to the town, which puts increasing pressure on the local language. Flemish nationalist alderwoman Sigrid Goethals (N-VA) says "we want to encourage people to use the Dutch language". 

Earlier, Asse distributed pins to newcomers, encouraging them to follow a course of Dutch. Retailers and self-employed people often make the effort to address potential customers in their language, but Asse prefers they stick to the Dutch language. 

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