More Belgians enjoying telework: benefits, but also possible drawbacks

An increasing number of Belgian employees is working from home at least one day in the week. Their number is presently at 22 percent. That's according to figures supplied by the road safety institute VIAS.  However, while teleworking brings many benefits, it also has a negative side, as it can be a source of extra stress. 

The number of 22 percent is 5 percent up on the year. Vias had 1,000 respondents in their poll, who are deemed representative for the whole population. The poll also shows that 45 percent have a job in which teleworking is possible. "This means we still have a major potential to have more people in telework", says Stef Willems of VIAS. 

4 in 10 employees who engage in teleworking, are working from home 1 day in the week. 1 in 3 only works from home occasionally. The most popular days are Friday and Wednesday, with Monday being the least popular. An overwhelming majority of those enjoying working from home (92 percent) wants to continue, citing benefits such as less stress due to commuting or traffic jams. The teleworking day coincides with today's Car Free Day. 

However, there are also potential dangers looming, with employees spreading their work to such an extent that they also work at home outside office hours. There is no longer a clear divide between work and private life, which brings extra stress. And working at home also means you miss the social contacts at work. 

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