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Belgian Thomas Cook customers unable to fly out to package holiday destinations

On Tuesday no customers that had booked package holidays with Thomas Cook Belgium will be able to fly out to their holiday destinations. Thomas Cook Belgium uses Brussels Airlines to fly its customers from Belgium to a host of holiday destinations such as the Spanish Costas, Portugal and Tunisia. 

On Monday evening Brussels Airlines announced that the flights chartered by Thomas Cook for Tunisia would be cancelled due to payment arrears. Around 190 holiday makers were unable to leave for Tunisia on Tuesday morning. Some had gone to the airport. They were complaints about a lack of information from Thomas Cook Belgium about the current situation.

While the flights that had been chartered from Brussels Airlines to Thomas Cook have been cancelled, the so-called “mixed flights” with both Thomas Cook holiday-makers and other travellers are still flying out, albeit without anyone that had booked a package holiday with Thomas Cook. Thomas Cook Belgium’s spokeswoman Leen Segers told VRT News that “We have decided not to allow any new customers to depart today.

Those are currently at these destinations will be brought back to Belgium by Brussels Airlines”. The bankruptcy of Thomas Cook in the UK has created a great deal of uncertainty about the future of the travel company’s Belgian operation. In a statement Thomas Cook Belgium said "We are searching for solutions for Thomas Cook Belgium. We want clarity before we will let customers depart again”. Thomas Cook’s spokeswoman is keen to stress that only customers that have booked package holidays are not being allowed to leave and that these customers will each be informed performed personally. Furthermore, Thomas Cook Belgium adds that only flights due to leave on Tuesday have been affected.    

Travel Guarantee Fund

Meanwhile, the Travel Guarentee Fund has said that it has established financial incapacity at Thomas Cook Belgium. Those that are unable to leave for their holiday destinations will be reimbursed in full by the Fund.

The Fund will also ensure that Thomas Cook Belgium customers that are stuck abroad will be able to return home. Some hotels have demanded that Thomas Cook customers pay for their stage, despite them already having paid Thomas Cook for it as part of their package deal. The Guarantee Funds advises people not to pay up.     

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