De Lijn warns of fraudulent e-mail offering free multi-journey ticket worth 50 euro

The Flemish public transport company has issued a warning about an e-mail that is being sent out by internet fraudsters. The recipients of the mail are offered a multi-journey ticket worth 50 euro in exchange for certain information. The mail claims to be from De Lijn. However, the public transport company is keen to stress that it hasn’t sent any such mail and advises recipients of the mail not click on the link that appears in it. 

De Lijn says that it only conducts promotional campaigns through its own channels. Furthermore, a photograph in the mail contains a number of tell-tale discrepancies. For a start the bus featured in the photograph wasn’t a De Lijn bus. Secondly multi-journey tickets with a value of 50 euro don’t exist for De Lijn and thirdly the chip card featured in the mail is only used for season tickets.     

It is likely that the mail is the work of internet fraudsters. Anyone that receives the mail is advised to inform the authorities at the following e-mail address:

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