Defence Department hopes to find 2,035 new recruits in 2020

The Defence Department intends to find a total of 2,035 new recruits in 2020. Of these 1,215 will become soldiers, 600 junior officers and 220 officers. The large-scale recruitment drive is necessary to compensate for the number of military personal that will be retiring between now and the end of next year. The Defence Department will focus on recruiting more women and those that are technically trained.  There will be vacancies throughout the armed services for people with a wide range of professional profiles.



In addition to the 1,215 soldiers, 600 junior officers and 220 officers, the Defence Department also intends to recruit 150 civilian staff and 420 army reservists.  

In order to find the more than 2,000 new recruits required, the Defence Department intends to stage a series of events across the country and launch a communication campaign in order to make young people consider a military career.   

Two special "Jobdays@Defence" days will be held on Sunday 13 and Sunday 20 October during which potential candidates can learn more about career possibilities within our armed services.

A quarter of the vacancies are for technical jobs. Special efforts will also be made to encourage women to join up. Many women believe that a job in the military is not for them. The army hopes to dispel this as “all the vacancies can be perfectly well filled by women”, the Defence Department says in a press statement.      

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