Travel Guarantee Fund: “Those unable to leave on holiday will be refunded in full”

The Travel Guarantee Fund has established financial incapacity at Thomas Cook Belgium. This means that those that are unable to depart on holidays they had booked with the company will be reimbursed in full by the Fund. Meanwhile, holiday-makers that are stuck abroad will be brought home. Meanwhile, the Consumer Affairs Minister in Belgium’s caretaker federal government Wouter Beke (Flemish Christian democrat) has warned Belgians abroad not to make any additional payments as “They won’t be covered by the Travel Guarantee Fund”.    

Brussels Airlines has cancelled its flights that were to have taken Thomas Cook Belgium customers to Tunisia on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Thomas Cook Belgium has said that none of its package holiday customers will be allowed to leave for their holiday destinations today.

Mark De Vriendt of the Travel Guarantee Fund told VRT News that “People can put in a claim via our website”

Those that have learned today (Tuesday) that their trip has been cancelled will be covered by the Guarantee Fund.  

"They will receive the money they paid for their trip in full. This will take some time as we will need to process all the claims, but travellers can rest assured”. Mr De Vriendt presumes that no Thomas Cook Belgium customers will be able to leave for the rest of the week.  

Mr De Vriendt also seeks to reassure Belgian Thomas Cook customers stuck abroad. “We will ensure that everyone can come back, preferably on the date that they were supposed to. If necessary we will send an empty plane to go and collect them.  

Mr De Vriendt slams the hotels that have demanded cash from Thomas Cook customers “This is against the rules set in law. We advise people not to pay and to report any such incident to the authorities. The Foreign Affairs Department has set up a crisis cell in order to put a stop to this.      

The Guarantee Fund also advises those that have booked holidays with Thomas Cook to not make any further payments to the company as these could possible not be considered for a refund.

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