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"Works on the Brussels North-South rail link to affect 27,000 commuters each day"

Engineering works on the busy rail link between the Brussels North and South station are to affect an estimated 27,000 commuters on weekdays, 13,500 in the morning rush hour and 13,500 in the evening rush hour. This has been announced by Belgian Rail and Infrabel. 

The works will start on 14 October and come to an end four weeks later, on 12 November. All this time, several rush hour trains (about a dozen) will be scrapped, while other services will be affected as the route will change. 

The company responsible for rail infrastructure, Infrabel, is carrying out engineering works on the points and signalling systems. As a result, capacity in the Brussels rail tunnels, a traditional bottleneck for trains passing through the capital, will be reduced. There was no other option than to scrap certain services. 

Infrabel and the Belgian Rail company NMBS have now calculated how many passengers will be affected; the number represents about 10 percent of weekly passengers. These figures apply to normal weekdays: things will be worse in weekends. And the weekends of 1 to 3 November and 9 to 11 November will see a further reduction in capacity. Only 6 trains will be allowed on the North-South route each hour then. To make sure you don't have any nasty surprises, it's best to check the NMBS website or the app. 

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