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Heavy level crossing accident in Kapellen, four men escaped just in time

Kapellen (Antwerp province) was the scene of a heavy accident last night when a goods train crashed into an empty car that had got stuck at a level crossing. Four men managed to escape just in time, with the help of rail infrastructure workers of Infrabel who were at work nearby. The driver had too much to drink. 

he accident happened around 2 o'clock. The level crossing was open when the car crossed the rails, but the vehicle got stuck due to a strange manoeuvre after leaving the road. Infrabel workers saw it happening and helped the men to get away when a cargo train was approaching; soon after the heavy train crushed the car. 

The men wanted to flee the scene immediately, but were apprehended by police. The driver was caught drink-driving. According to the first reports, he had lost the way and tried to make a U-turn on the level crossing.  

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