Nicolas Maeterlinck

Negotiators for a new Flemish government "close to the finish line"

Will we have a new Flemish government in the next days, four months after the elections of 26 May? Political pundits are convinced a deal is very close: negotiators may even reach a deal in the coming night. 

Negotiators of the N-VA, Open VLD and CD&V (the Flemish nationalists, liberals and Christian democrats respectively) have been meeting for several weeks now to try and work out a policy agreement. 

"It's possible we may reach the finish line tonight, but this is not sure. Our main priority is a good accord", it can be heard. Almost nothing has been leaked so far, but rumour has it that Flanders is facing a deficit of 600 million euros. What we do know, is that the team will be led by Jan Jambon (N-VA, photo), who will thus become the new Flemish PM. 

If negotiators can clinch a deal before the weekend, the policy agreement can be presented at the different party congresses next weekend. Next week, the new government could present its accord in Flemish Parliament, before a debate takes place. 

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