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Americans warn Belgium not to use Chinese 5G technology: "This may pose a threat to NATO"

The American diplomat Robert Strayer has made it clear to the Belgian authorities that Belgium had better not cooperate with China to set up its new 5G infrastructure. The U.S. is particularly concerned about the Belgian plans because Belgium hosts the NATO headquarters in Evere. 

Robert Strayer, who is responsible for America's cyber policies, warned Belgium not to cooperate with China to implement the 5G network for fast mobile data. The Chinese telecom giants Huawei are one of the stumbling blocks for the Americans: they are one of the biggest 5G developers at present, but the U.S. says they can't be trusted. 

"Under Chinese law, Huawei needs to cooperate with Chinese intelligence services", Strayer pointed out during a press meeting at the American embassy. "5G will be used for self-driving cars, tele-medicine, artificial intelligence, and for crucial infrastructure to guarantee water and power supplies. You need to be very careful with whom you are cooperating", said Strayer.

His pledge does not come as a surprise: the U.S. has threatened countries that sensible information will no longer be shared if they work together with China. Moreover, Belgium hosts the NATO headquarters in Evere: "A Chinese 5G network may hamper our ability to move troops. Or it might allow enemies to gain insight into our NATO defence systems." Earlier, Strayer had shared the same concerns with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. 

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