Fingerprints on ID card breakthrough: pilot projects coming up

It looks as if fingerprints on ID cards will become a reality after all - despite it being a controversial subject. That is, a pilot project will start in 25 different municipalities at the end of the year. The fingerprints will be taken from those getting a new ID card. 

The project, launched by the former Interior Minister Jan Jambon (N-VA), has met with strong criticism, from "a violation of our privacy" to "danger for hacking" or "unethical". 

However, this morning the federal caretaker government decided to go ahead with this pilot project after all - it had been due to start in April but had been delayed. Jambon's successor Pieter De Crem (Christian democrat) calls the project "unavoidable to protect citizens against identity fraud by criminals in the 21st century."

He says that in this way, we are also meeting European demands to take fingerprints on the chips of new ID cards. "And it's up to the next federal government to give the final green light to apply this to all ID cards." This would be possible within the next 12 months, De Crem claims. 

This is unavoidable to protect citizens against identity fraud by criminals

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