Via a Ghent hotel a "guaranteed transport" to the U.K.: 15 suspects apprehended in human-trafficking case

A joint effort by Belgian and English police has led to the arrest of 15 suspects in a case of people smuggling. The gang used special techniques to make sure the journey would work out well, but also asked a lot of money in return, up to 15,000 euros.

The main suspect could be apprehended last Monday in the Ghent area, a 29-year-old from Albania. On Tuesday, a large-scale police action was set up in cooperation with the British police. 12 suspects were arrested in Belgium during 8 house searches, while in England two suspects were taken in for questioning. A last suspect was arrested in Germany. The three will be extradited to Belgium. 

The Albanian gang is facing charges of large-scale people smuggling. "They transported people from Albania to the Ghent region", explains Patrick Willockx of the East-Flemish department of the Federal Police.

However, the special thing about this gang was that they offered so-called "guaranteed transports": this was only possible with the cooperation of car or truck drivers. "They had a hidden space inside their vehicle to take the people across the channel", explains Willockx. Prices for immigrants were very high: around 15,000 euros per person, it can be heard. 

A Ghent hotel allegedly served as 'waiting place' before the transport could take place. During a house search, no fewer than 37 Albanian people were found. 

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