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A stormy Sunday as forecasters warn of high winds and storm tides in coastal areas

The Royal Meteorological Institute (KMI) warns of stormy weather on Sunday with rain and high winds. During the afternoon gusts could reach speeds of between 70 and 80km/h and localised gust possibly even exceeded that. A code yellow weather warning is in forced across the country and a storm tide warning has been issued for coastal areas.   

During Sunday morning a front carrying rain spread across the country from the west. The showers will become heavier during the afternoon and evening with the chance of thunder in some areas.   

There will be high winds with gusts reaching between 70 and 80 km/h during the afternoon. KMI warns that winds speeds will be even higher than that on high ground in the Ardennes.  

On Sunday evening it will remain stormy with localised heavy showers and high winds.

A Code Yellow Weather warning will be in force from 1pm on Sunday afternoon until 2am on Sunday night. This means that there is a possibility of weather-related disruption or damage in some areas. The 1722 hotline for non-urgent assistance has been activated.  

Storm tide warning

The Maritime Service Provision and Coast Agency has issued a storm tide warning. This has come about due to the combination of a high spring tide and the storm. However, despite this there is no risk of flooding. Disruption to shipping is expected to remain limited.

As a precautionary measure piers and port dams have been closed to the general public. The locks and the bascule bridge at Ostend (West Flanders) have been secured as a precautionary measure. In Wenduine that gates of the storm defence wall have been closed.

It is the first time in 2 years that that a storm tide warning has been issued. Meanwhile, in Antwerpen the flood defence gates have been closed as the level of the River Scheldt has risen higher than expected.

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