Work on Thomas Cook customers’ claims to start in three weeks

Work on processing the claims made by customers of Thomas Cook and Neckermanns to the Travel Guarantee Fund won’t get under way for another three weeks. Tens of thousands of Belgians had booked with Thomas Cook Belgium, many of whom through its Neckermann travel agents’ chain. On Wednesday Thomas Cook Belgium went into receivership. 

A total of 72,000 Belgians have seen their holiday plans dashed as a result of this. They are entitled to a refund from the Travel Guarantee Fund. However, the fund will first prioritise the repatriation of Belgians stranded in holiday destination abroad before its staff start processing the many thousands of claims.     

The fund’s Mark De Vriendt told VRT News that "This is our priority and it is looking good. We have already ensured return flights up to 6 October”.

The Travel Guarantee Fund intends to have a team ready to process the claims and start making refunds in three weeks’ time. However, Mr De Vriendt would not be drawn on how long this is likely to take.

"Customers of Thomas Cook and Neckermann have two years to make a claim. However, that doesn’t mean that it will take two years for them to be refunded”, Mr De Vriendt added.  

The claims will be dealt with in chronological order according to the departure date of the cancelled holiday. Those that have seen their holiday cancelled as a result of the issues at Thomas Cook can lodge their via the Travel Guarantee Fund’s website

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