Dutroux accomplice Michel Lelièvre granted conditional parole

A custody hearing in Brussels has granted conditional parole to Michel Lelièvre. Michel Lelièvre has served 23 years of a 25 year sentence for his part in the kidnap and false imprisonment of two young women An and Eefje and two girls Sabine and Laetitia by Marc Dutroux. He has been given six months to find somewhere to live. If he is successful in doing so he will be allowed to leave prison.    

Michel Lelièvre was sentenced on 22 June 2004 by the Court of Assis in Arlon (Luxembourg province) for the help he gave Marc Dutroux in the kidnap of 4 of his 6 young victims. By then he had already been held on remand for 8 years. With the exception of Marc Dutroux himself, he is the only person convicted in the case that is still in prison.  

Marc Dutroux’s ex-wife Michelle Martin was allowed to leave prison in 2012 after having served 16 years of her 30-year sentence.  

Strict parole conditions

In two years Michel Lelièvre’s sentence will come to an end. Between now and then his liberty will be conditional on him abiding by a number of conditions. Failure to do so will result in his immediate return to prison. One of the conditions is (not surprisingly) that he shouldn’t commit any more crimes.

He is also obliged to make regular visits to his probation officer. He is also obliged to either find work or take vocational training and must also pay compensation to his victims. He is also forbidden from having any contact with anyone involved in the case.

Hence he is banned from living anywhere in Flemish Brabant, Limburg, Hainaut or the provinces of Liège and Luxembourg. He also must steer clear of Tournai (Hainaut), Elsene (Brussels) and a number of streets in the City of Brussels all together.       

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