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Former State Security Service officer accuses Reynders of having made death threats

A former State Security Service officer that accused Belgium’s candidate European Commissioner Didier Reynders (Francophone liberal) of corruption and money laundering has now lodged a complaint with the Federal Judicial Authorities against Mr Reynders. He accuses the Francophone Liberal Minister of harassment and of having threatened to kill him. The complaint has been lodged against Mr Reynders, the Head of the security service watchdog Committee I’s investigation team and a people close to Mr Reynders within the State Security Service.      

In April of this year the man that worked for the State Security Service for 10 years made a statement to police accusing Mr Reynders and one of his confidents of corruption and money laundering.

He made accusations concerning the construction of the Belgian Embassy in Kinshasa, the lease on the building that houses the HQ of the Federal Police Service and bribes from arms dealers and a candidate in the Congolese elections. Some of the money was allegedly laundered through the purchase of antiques, real estate of through transactions in tax havens.        

The Judicial Authorities started an investigation. However, the investigation was stopped due to lack of evidence. 

Mr Reynders denies the allegations

Mr Reynders denies the allegations of corruption and money laundering. “I deny all possible allegations and I have never received bribes”, Mr Reynders said earlier this month. His spokesman said spoke of an operation to damage his reputation.     

On Wednesday Mr Reynders will be cross-examined be MEPs about his candidature to become the new Belgian European Commissioner.   

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