New Flemish government on the tracks

The Flemish nationalists, Christian democrats and liberals have reached agreement on a new Flemish government. 127 days after the general election the three parties have struck a deal on how to administer Flanders for the next five years.

For the details we will have to wait until a news conference at lunchtime.  One lawmaker has already posted a photo of the agreement on social media.  It is an extensive document and according to Mr Daniëls “solid work for a strong brand”.

It was around 2AM after a day and a night of intensive negotiations that the three centre-right parties reached agreement on policy. Talks on integration and education policies dragged on until late.  Several budgetary matters still needed to be settled and this took until 7AM.

Jan Jambon (Flemish nationalist) is to become the new Flemish PM.  He spoke of a “solid packet of measures for a strong Flanders.”

“It was hard work, but we got there.  We wrote a rather thick government accord, everything has been thoroughly discussed.  It was a difficult budgetary exercise too.” 

Policy may have been agreed, but the parties still need to work out which party will hold sway over which field of policy: in other words which party will get which portfolio.  This will happen in the next hours.

According to the press agency Belga the new team will deliver a balanced budget by 2021.

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