Prince Laurent was a surprise guest at police officers’ retirement party

King Filip’s younger brother Prince Laurent was a surprise guest at a retirement party held for two police officers in Ghent (East Flanders) on Saturday. The party was held to mark the end of policemen Guy Van Den Eede and  Rudy Bontick’s careers with the police service. Rudy Bontinck has a special bond with the Prince and they used to sometimes go and drink a coffee together in the centre of Tervuren where Prince Laurent lives. It was Rudy Bontinck that had invited the Prince to the retirement party.   

During the party Prince Laurent took time to congratulate both police officers on their retirement.

Guy Van Den Eede and his brother-in-law Rudy Bontinck both worked for the Ghent Local Police Service. Mr Bontinck was a police officer for 39 years. He told Radio 2 East Flanders that "It all feels rather strange, I am leaving with mixed emotion because it was a great career. It was a great job. If someone were to ask me today what I would like to do in further life I would opt straight away for a career in the police”  

A right royal party

Guy Van Den Eede and Rudy Bontinck decided to celebrate their retirement with their colleagues and friends. Guy Van Den Eede told Radio 2 East Flanders that “Thursday was my brother-in-law Rudy’s last day and we celebrated together this weekend”.

Speaking about their special Royal Guest, Rudy Bontinck said "The Royal Court, especially Prince Laurent, is very favourably inclined towards us. This is why I decided to invite him to our retirement party and he came along!”

The Prince socialised with the other guests and had a friendly chat with Rudy Bontinck’s daughter Nathalie.    

Coffee in Tervuren

Guy Van Den Eede added "My brother-in-law once provided a motorcycle escort to the Prince during a visit to Ghent. On arrival they took a selfie together and the Prince ask if Rudy would escort him back to Brussels”.   

On their arrival Prince Laurent asked Rudy Bontinck to go for a coffee with him in the centre of Tervuren. 

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