Hooverphonic to represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest

The Hooverphonic will represent Belgium at next May’s Eurovision Song Contest in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. The members of the group (Alex Callier, Raymond Geerts) and Luka Cruysberghs) made the announcement during Tuesday’s edition of the VRT’s TV chat show ‘Vandaag’.   

Formed in October 1995, Hooverphonic was originally categorised as a tip hop group. However, they quickly expanded their sound to the point where they could no longer be described as belonging to a single musical genre.

Their musical oeuvre encompasses alternative, electropop, rock and mixtures of other genres. The bank was originally called Hoover, but changed name to Hooverphonic after discovering two other groups were called Hoover and to avoid any legal issues with a well-known vacuum cleaner manufactures.

The group has had three female singers this far Geike Arnaert was succeeded by Noémie Wolfs in 2010. In turn Luka Cruysberghs took over from Noémie Wolfs in 2015.  

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