Nicolas Maeterlinck

Members of the new Flemish Government swear their oaths in the Flemish Parliament

The nine members of the new Flemish Government have sworn their oaths in the Flemish Parliament. First up was the new Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon (nationalist) who swore his oath to the Speaker Ad Interim of the Flemish Parliament Wilfried Vandaele (nationalist). 

As well as being the head of the new Flemish Government, Mr Jambon will be responsible for culture, development aid, IT  and facility management. In addition to Mr Jambon the Flemish nationalist have three other ministers in the new Flemish Government.

Ben Weyts will be the party’s Deputy Prime Minister. His ministerial responsibilities will be education, the Flemish Periphery (area around Brussels), animal welfare and sport. Zuhal Demir will be responsible for the environment, planning, energy, tourism and justice. Her party colleague Mathias Diependaele will be responsible for finance, the budget and housing.


The three Christian democrats that swore their oaths are Hilde Crevits, Wouter Beke and Benjamin Dalle. Ms Crevits will be the party’s Deputy Prime Minister in the Flemish Government with ministerial responsibility for employment, the economy, innovation and agriculture. Mr Beke’s ministerial responsibilities are welfare, health and the family. Benjamin Dalle is the statutory minister from Brussels in the Flemish Government. His ministerial responsibilities are Flemish policy on the capital, youth and the media, including the VRT.

Two liberals also swore their oaths in the Flemish Parliament on Wednesday afternoon. They are Bart Somers who will be the party’s Deputy Prime Minister with ministerial responsibilities for internal affairs, integration, equal opportunities, urban policy and the Flemish civil service. Mr Somers’ part colleague Lydia Peeters is responsible for transport and public works.       

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