55 neglected cats seized from woman in a wheel chair

Animal welfare inspectors in Diksmuide have had to step in and remove 55 poorly and neglected cats from an elderly invalid woman.  The animals were all taken to animal shelters where some had to be put down.

Animal inspectors couldn’t believe their eyes when they entered the premises, where an elderly woman, who is confined to a wheel chair, lived with her husband and 55 cats.  The animals were kept on the ground and first floors in small, often bird cages.  They were never let outdoors.  Some animals never left their cages. Incest was rife as was disease.

At least 13 cats had to be put down.  A new home is being sought for the others. A police report has been drawn up too.  Animal welfare officers had been aware of the situation for some time, but finally decided to intervene because the woman refused to reduce the number of cats she was keeping.  She will now be able to keep two cats.

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