Electrabel to ask the government to ditch exit from nuclear in 2025

Johnny Thijs, the brand new chair of energy generator Electrabel, wants three of the country’s seven nuclear reactors to be kept operating beyond 2025.  Under Belgian law all nuclear reactors must be closed down in that year.

Johnny Thijs told the daily De Standaard that three nuclear reactors should keep on generating power after 2025.  He will propose to the new Belgian government, when it is eventually formed, that the reactors’ lease of life is extended by two decades.

Mr Thijs tells De Standaard: “The exit from nuclear is legally settled.  We must respect this” before going on to call for extended life.  The Electrabel chair points to the danger of more greenhouse gas emissions and the need for reliability in electricity supplies. Mr Thijs doesn’t understand why the reactors have to close as it has already become clear fresh investments in new gas power plants will be needed.

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