Belgian police impound record amount of criminal funds

Belgian federal police seized a record 14 billion euros from criminal gangs last year.  13 billion was impounded as part of one single complex fraud dossier. Drug-related crime is becoming one of the most important fields of activity for Belgian law enforcers.

The 14 billion is a big increase in comparison with 2017 when only 644 million euros was seized. 3,407 serious criminals were arrested – up from 2,907 the previous year.  In all 1.3 tons of marihuana were recovered from some 1,000 cannabis farms.

Combating organised criminal gangs is taking up more police time. Seizing funds generated through drug and people-trafficking is a priority. Belgian police intend to step up co-operation at home and abroad involving foreign police forces, the customs and local police. Belgium’s strategic location serves as a pull on cross border criminality.

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