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Two women arrested in search for missing Antwerpner

Dutch police have arrested two women in connection with the disappearance of a Belgian man.  The police say that there are indications the man died a violent death.

A Belgian man aged 56 from Lint (Antwerp) went missing in June.  On an evening he left his home around 8:30PM driving off in a white delivery van.  There has been no trace of Johan Van Der Heyden ever since. Belgian police issued a missing person’s appeal, but soon it became clear the missing man may have driven to the Netherlands.  Dutch police were involved.  They swooped to make arrests on Friday.

Police detained two women during a raid on a house in the Dutch province of North Brabant.  They are also searching a nearby hangar. A large forensic team was deployed.  Police officers in white overalls and wearing face masks were seen collecting DNA traces. Police are also hoping to find other new evidence.

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