Antwerp prisoners haven’t been able to shower for 12 days

Prison guards in Antwerp have been on strike for twelve days now.  Most of the inmates have not been able to leave their cells since the start of the strike.  This means the prisoners have not had a shower in nearly a fortnight.

Nobody has been able to visit the prisoners either.  Jail birds haven’t been getting their daily walk either.  The prison management has made every effort to ensure that prisoners working in the kitchen have been able to shower.

Antwerp prison guards are striking in protest against staff shortages. Prison management says it’s been talking with the unions for twelve days now.  Many solutions have been proposed but they are now at the end of their creativity.

The government decided to oblige guards to provide a minimum service, but the law has not yet been put into effect. Unions and management still need to agree on how the minimum service will be organised, but given the current climate little headway is expected. A national prison strike is also planned.

At Antwerp jail a fresh proposal  was tabled on Monday. Unions and management managed to strike a deal and guards return to work on Wednesday.


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