Sex marathon at the VUB

The VUB’s science philosopher and pedagogue Gustaaf Cornelis is organising a marathon lesson about sex.  The Free University’s academic aims to hold the attention of his students for twelve hours. 

Prof Cornelis is concerned many aspects of sex remain taboo: “In the media you hear an awful lot about sex nowadays.  You’d start to think there are no longer any taboos about sex.  This teaching marathon attempts to address this issue.  The media often concentrate on the negative aspects of sex, porn and the influence of religion.  The marathon will focus on everyday sex.”

The marathon will take a broad approach to the subject. One speaker will explain what you should do if you end up in an “impossible relationship”.  Another speaker will talk about sex and maths, a third about sexually unacceptable behaviour.

The teaching marathon starts at 9AM and includes 12 45-minute lessons.  It finishes at 9PM.  The number of places at the Flemish Free University of Brussels are limited, but everybody including secondary schools can follow proceedings on the VUB website. 

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