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Vandals disrupt rapper’s visit to Antwerp

The visit of Dutch rapper Josylvio to the Mediamarkt store in Antwerp was quite an event.  Josylvio had come for a signing session and to meet fans, but even before he could do that vandals had trashed part of the store on the De Keyserlei.

Even before Josylvio could meet his young fans vandals had hurled CDs through the air and damaged part of the store. Mediamarkt’s Janic De Saedeleer: “At one point several people clearly looking for troubled entered the store. Crisps, CDs and anything they could get their hands on flew through the air.  There was a lot of pushing and shoving too.”

Police were called because the store’s own staff couldn’t manage the situation.  Police escorted the mass of fans into the store restoring calm.  No arrests were needed.

On social media Josylvio spoke of the chaos in Antwerp saying it was a shame: “I wasn’t allowed down for a signing session or to hand out photos.  I’ll make up for it to Antwerp!” he said.


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