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Protest outside the German Embassy against anti-Semitic attack

More than 100 demonstrators staged a protest outside the German Embassy in Brussels on Friday in support of the victims of the far-right anti-Semitic attack in the German city of Halle earlier this week.  The Brussels regional news site Bruzz spoke to the President of the European Union of Jewish Students Bini Guttmann who was at the demonstration. 

He told Bruzz that “We stand her as a mark of solidarity with everyone whose life is threaten by racism. Mr Gutmann added the attack was not an isolated incident. “We must act to resist right-wing extremism in all its forms”.

Yohan Benizri of Coordination Centre of Jewish Organisation in Belgium warned that those that remain silent are complicit in what happens in the world. The participants also expressed criticism about what they see as the failing of the German state in Halle.

On Wednesday a man shot dead two people near to a synagogue in Halle, in the German state of Sachsen-Anhalt. He did so after having tried to storm into the synagogue where 51 worships were celebrating the feast of Yom Kippur.

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