Ghent bans new front gardens with hard landscaping

The city of Ghent is banning front gardens with hard landscaping.  No further building licences will be delivered.

A hard path or a hard drive leading to a garage will still be allowed.  The city authorities want to keep as much of the rest of the front garden as green as possible.  City cabinet member for public spaces Filip Watteeuw (green) explains that Ghent will simply be implementing existing regulations.  Exceptions permitted by the Flemish government will no longer be allowed in Ghent.

“In the first place we don’t want to see front gardens with hard landscaping because this privatises public parking spaces and public space.  People can’t park in the street in front of gardens being used as a parking space.”

The measure is also intended to maintain green spaces.

The opposition Flemish nationalists on Ghent council condemn the measure.  They say the city authorities are pestering residents and if implemented it will be neigh impossible to park near your home.

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