Nina Derwael is Belgium’s gymnastics’ queen

Nina Derwael retained her uneven bars world title at the Artistic World Championships in Stuttgart (Germany) on Saturday. The 19-year-old was top favourite and in the final displayed clear superiority. She left her fellow contenders Britain’s Rebecca Downie and the United States’ Sunisa Lee well and truly behind her.

Rebecca Downie was seen as Derwael’s main rival contender and received an impressive 15.000 score for her performance.  Now Derwael couldn’t allow herself to make a single mistake. And so it occurred.  Derwael delivered a faultless performance and was rewarded with a top score: 15,233.  The silver was for Downie, the bronze for Lee.

Afterwards Derwael told reporters: “There’s no getting used to this.  It always feels like the first time.”

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