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Belgian IS women: “We can’t stay in this camp!”

One Belgian woman is believed to have escaped from the Ain Issa camp where the Kurds are keeping the women of IS fighters.  Two women remaining in the camp insist they can’t stay there.

VRT’s conflict reporter Rudi Vranckx has spoken with the women: “They tell me they can’t stay in the camp. The Kurds told them they can no longer provide security due to the Turkish assault. Syrian prisoners say everybody must leave.  It looks like total chaos.”

“One Belgian woman left yesterday but we don’t know where she is heading or who arranged her escape. The Kurds say 800 foreign women have already fled the camp”.

The Belgian women told Rudi Vranckx people-traffickers were organising the women’s escape. The Belgian women can stay in the camp until it is liberated by IS or venture north to the pro-Turkish Free Syrian Army through an area where heavy fighting is underway.

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